That crackle tho! We love wooden wick candles; some sing to you, some crackle and pop like a comforting campfire, while others beautifully fizzle.


The entire life of your candle will be built on these first moments, the decisions you make and the environment you nurture it in. Possibly the best advice for you candle is Always make sure your lit candle melts completely - If you don't carve out enough time for your candle to melt completely across the top, you'll be left with a scar on the surface. 

Light That Fire

If you can imagine for a second that this is like lighting an actual campfire, it makes more sense. Small, raw, dry kindling with fraying edges is easy to ignite and can feed on itself until it starts catching the rest of the wood ablaze. Refrain from adding any additional accelerants to your candles though...all they need is a little extra love and like 10 seconds more ignition time.

So, here's the ultimate trick:

Keep the lighter on the wood wick longer than you think is necessary. 15-20 seconds longer than you would a normal cotton wick candle.

It sounds annoying and nuts, but it's necessary to add that needed heat, time and energy into the wick so your flame can feed on new wood. Like any good campfire it's a frustrating art and a meditative task that once you've mastered you'll be the talk of the party.

Another key point:

Trim your wood wick after burning. Wait until the wick cools down then gently snap off the burnt wood of your wick with your fingertips. Keep your wick trimmed to about 1/8".

If the wick is difficult to pinch off with fingertips, we recommend using Nail Clippers to trim black wick down to 1/4" to expose new wood.